If you've gotten down with online dating you've had to have noticed patterns. People try to show who they are while also highlighting their most datable qualities. Ironically, this makes damn near everyone sound the same. There are an impossible number of singles who purport to be "fun-loving" and "always up for an adventure." You'll see these buzzwords everywhere, but Mashable and Match.com have broken down the most distinctive words used in each state. 

The map breaks downs which words are used more frequently in one state compared to another. Many of the most distinctive words are expected, such as "snowboarding" in Colorado (take that skiers!) and "casino" in Nevada. Some are less so, such as "amusement" in Pennsylvania and "lounge" in New Jersey. 

What to do with this information is unclear. You could use your state's buzzword in your profile in hopes that it'll attract more people. On the other hand, it could make it harder for you to stick. Good luck choosing your approach.