Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show (duh) after sixteen years behind the desk, but his biggest regret may surprise you. He's interviewed some of the most powerful people in the world (Barack ObamaBill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair, and Madeleine Albright, to name a few) along with super-famous celebs (George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Natalie Portman, Jerry Seinfeld, Lance Armstrong and lots more). Stewart is an adept and experience interviewer, so there aren't any glaring screw-ups that come to mind. Instead, Stewart told The Guardian he regrets not pushing former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld more on his role after 9/11.

"He just went into the general gobbledegook. 'Mnah mnah mnah, well, you have to remember, it was 9/11 mnah mnah.’ I should have pushed, but he’s very adept at deflecting," Stewart said. "That interview with Rumsfeld went shitty, but it’s still just an interview. He’s the one who has to live with the repercussions of what he really did, so there’s nothing that could happen on my show that carries that same level of regret."

However, he's totally looking forward to never having to jump in the "turd mines" and watch Fox News all the time, as you can imagine. "All right, let’s say that it’s a nuclear winter, and I have been wandering, and there appears to be a flickering light through what appears to be a radioactive cloud and I think that light might be a food source that could help my family," Stewart said when asked if he'd ever watch Fox News again. "I might glance at it for a moment until I realize, that’s Fox News, and then I shut it off. That’s the circumstance."