During the original MTV reign of The Osbournes, I felt a vague affinity with Jack Osbourne. He seemed at once completely in on the joke (meta came easier in the 00s) and unironically invested in the manipulative drama that makes shows like The Osbournes both brilliant and awful. Though recent news of the VH1 revival of The Osbournes was met with generally positive fanfare, we now have some apparent legal woes to face before settling back into the comforts of home with our favorite titans of family-style profanity.

According to Billboard, Jack Osbourne filed a series of lawsuits earlier this week stemming from a reportedly false claim by the ridiculously named Schweet Entertainment that they were entitled to a "55 percent interest in any upcoming episodes of The Osbournes," an egregiously infinite period of time which is surely meant to include the impending reboot. Confusingly enough, Osbourne owns Schweet with Rob Worsoff and Brian Wendel. The production company that brought us the original Osbournes, JOKS, can also claim Jack Osbourne as a member. In addition to disputing the "55 percent interest" claim, Osbourne asserts that Worsoff and Wendel "paid themselves exorbitant salaries" but refused to pay him.

Thus far, these lawsuits aren't expected to delay the return of The Osbournes via VH1. Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack will reportedly still be back on the small screen sometime this year.

To the reboot powers that be, can we get that Ashlee Simpson Show revival now?