Fanboy/former pro wrestler CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) will be co-writing a comic book series centered on the solo adventures of Guardians of the Galaxy character Drax the Destroyer, Newsarama reports. 

Drax has never been featured in his own solo comic series, but Brooks, who's a well-known comic book fan, has written for Marvel before. Most notably, he wrote the Thor Annual #1 that came out in February. 

As for how he got started writing for Marvel, he seemed to have no idea when asked him last year. 

"I think I just pestered all the right people and the right things kind of popped up. How exactly it came up, I can’t really, exactly remember. I can’t remember who said, “Hey. Wanna do Thor?” You know what I mean? That pretty much blew my mind," Brooks said.

Take note aspiring comic book writers: pester people a lot, and maybe become a famous wrestler and MMA fighter. 

In a bit of circle of life irony, the movie version of Drax was played by the massive, former WWE wrestler (and future Bond villainDave Bautista.

The Drax series is set to launch near the end of 2015. No word on who Punk's co-writer, or the artist, will be.