So. Many. Trailers. It must be summer movie season.

We're just a few weeks away from the official start, and already the Internet is buzzing with new clips for the year's biggest blockbusters, as well as one that isn't due until next year, Batman v Superman. From last Thursday onward, we were blessed with looks at Star Wars, the biggest sequel of the decade so far; Jurassic World, the most promising old franchise revival in a very long while; Fantastic Four, due August but previously under shrouded secrecy despite a spare teaser; and the biggest of all, Batman v Superman. The first look at the clash of the superhero titans was finally unveiled, a few days earlier than planned. What measured up to expectations? Which films look exciting and which look like a brick-on-arrival? And what, if anything, is there to geek out over and unpack in the months between now and release? Let's load each trailer up and dig in.