Just when you thought Pixar might be slipping with this Toy Story 4 business, we get some news that will be a huge relief for fans of the original trilogy. 

The next Toy Story movie will not continue (read: screw up) the perfect story that was told and wrapped up nicely in the first three movies, but will instead tell a new, standalone story, Pixar President Jim Morris told Disney Latino

Morris reportedly said that the plan is to make Toy Story 4 a romantic comedy with less human-to-toy interactions. It's also going to be light on any links to the previous movies and characters. 

Morris did caution that the planning is still in the early stages, which means that things could change completely by the time this movie comes out on June 16, 2017.

But if Woody and Buzz aren't coming back, who will the new toys be? Considering that Pixar is a Disney subsidiary and so is Marvel Studios, how about slipping some Avengers action figures into the mix. Warner Bros. did it with Batman in The Lego Movie, so why not?