You didn't really think it was over, did you? John Lasseter of Pixar announced to a group of Wall Street analysts today that he'd be returning to direct Toy Story 4, aiming for a June 2017 release.

If you're wondering why the first people Lasseter told were a bunch of Wall Street dudes, that's because Toy Story basically mints money—the third installation of the series racked up $1.1 billion worldwide alone.

A new move for the franchise, Will McCormack and Rashida Jones, who co-wrote Celeste and Jesse Forever, have joined the writing team. Other than that, no further details have been revealed, but since Pixar never messes up, it's safe to assume that all the big guns will be back. 

Also, Pixar is probably making room in their trophy case right now for the inevitable Oscar Toy Story 4 wins.

[via Variety]