Aside from consistently holding the title of Worst Humans, chronic spring breakers are reportedly bothering dolphins and—in some cases—fatally wounding them. According to USA Today, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) created their ongoing dolphin public awareness campaign in an effort to "keep dolphins wild." The NOAA unequivocally linked several bottlenose dolphin deaths to human interaction.

In addition to fishing gear entanglement, these deaths are reportedly also caused by guns, arrows, and even screwdrivers through the head. In response, the NOAA and anyone with at least a minimally functioning brain now urge "people" to not feed, pet, or generally manhandle the dolphins.

Though the NOAA has not issued any official statement on what spring breakers are allowed to do with sharks, we can now confirm that at least one spring breaker is currently feeding a shark a Baconator whilst unironically wearing a neon green YOLO tank top.