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Audience Q&As at film festivals can get a little gushy. Ryan Gosling has probably experienced a lot of expressions of love over the years in such settings, but the perfect boyfriend actor (who was at SXSW to screen his directorial debut, Lost River) instead assisted a woman in proposing marriage to her girlfriend of eleven years (around the 11:38 mark).

You read that headline and probably assumed it was an audience member choking on air, fanning their face, and proposing to Gosling. No, this was a proposal that is far more likely to make it all the way to the altar. Gosling looks stunned and pleased when the woman says she'd like to seize his that particular moment. He runs over to give her the mic(Spoiler alert: she said yes, which we suppose keeps in the spirit of a Q&A session.)

After screening Lost River to a smattering of boos at Cannes last year, SXSW proved to be a much more enjoyable affair for Gosling. In addition to snagging a fiancée, the proposer told Gosling that she thought the movie was "amazing."