If the recent rollercoaster of Twin Peaks news has given you the post-comeback blues all too quickly, why not totally immerse yourself in the final (?) and most psychologically challenging episode of the iconic series with Black Lodge 2600? As pointed out by Open Culture, the game's manual is alarmingly fond of exclamation points, but don't let that deter you. Black Lodge 2600 provides exactly the sort of lo-fi crisis of self one should expect from an Atari imitation.

That lo-fi crisis of self, of course, rests mostly on the shoulders of FBI agent Dale Cooper as he confronts his very own Bizarro Jerry. I make that stretch of a Seinfeld reference because I like to believe that David Lynch is a categorical Seinfeld obsessive much like myself. In this alternate universe, I'd like to think Lynch thoroughly enjoys Black Lodge 2600.

I'd also like to think that, either in this or some other alternate universe, Lynch is fast at work on the increasingly iffy 2016 Twin Peaks return.




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