If you went to college or just engaged in a pattern of binge-drinking you may have tried "the strikeout." To complete the feat you must take a hit of weed, chug a beer, and then down a shot before exhaling. Somehow it's even more strenuous than this classic Seinfeld moment: 

The Knockout is basically a variation of the strikeout. It's bong inception, combining the beer and marijuana varieties for one epic challenge. You simply flip the bong over and spark it up as you're chugging the beer. When you're finished, you can take a hit immediately or take your time if you want a lower-quality high five upon completion. 

We gathered a diverse group of people—young and old, male and female, bro and less bro—to try The Knockout for the very first time. Our participants have varying degrees of success (tears are involved), and you'll be surprised at who rips The Knockout most like a champ. 

Watch New Yorkers Try the Beer/Weed Knockout Challenge above.