George Lucas knows a little something about evil empires. So the unabashedly liberal filmmaker was the perfect man to join Jon Stewart in sarcastically praising Fox News for not rushing to judgment on Michael Brown's death. This must have been tough because the network's very modus operandi is to rush to judgment, as we saw most prominently with the Benghazi scandal. 

Like a petulant teenager, Fox News has been complaining about the lack of praise it's received for its Ferguson coverage. Stewart sought to right this wrong by purchasing the network a cake and enlisting Lucas to apologize. He promised to exclusively make films "blindly uncritical of America" going forward and offered up some possible titles: American Exceptionalism Graffiti; Star Wars: The Reagan Missile Defense Version; The Empire Strikes Back, Justifiablyand Star Wars: The Clinton Menace

Stewart got in one last kick after playing a montage of Fox News congratulating itself. He compared the 18-year-old network to an actual 18-year-old: "you have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day jerking yourself off."