A Bronx high school teacher was arrested this week for allegedly offering male students money in exchange for nude photos. 

Citing a criminal complaint, the New York Times reports that 32-year-old Jon Cruz, a social studies teacher and debate coach at Bronx High School of Science, paid three students money in exchange for pictures. The students were two 15-year-olds from New Mexico, as well as a 14-year-old from upstate New York. This reportedly took place between last August and came to an end last month.

Cruz was arrested on Friday, and the Times detailed his alleged actions:

He paid one of the boys in New Mexico over $500 in gift cards to send him nude photographs that showed him posing with an erection in front of a mirror, the complaint says. In the other photographs, the boys were clothed and showed off parts of their bodies.

Mr. Cruz, 32, chatted with the boys using the messaging app Kik, pretending to be a high school student, the complaint says. He used a fake name and the photograph of a former Bronx Science student to disguise his age. The Federal Bureau of Investigation traced the Kik account to Mr. Cruz using Internet protocol addresses, which can show the location of a computer. Two addresses used to access the account were linked to his home; a third was associated with the New York City public school system, the complaint says.

Cruz, who has taught at the school since 2006, faces charges for possessing, receiving, and producing child pornography. School principal Jean M. Donahue sent a letter to parents informing them that Cruz was reassigned to a location where "he will not be in contact with students."

Althoug Cruz appeared in court on Friday, he did not enter a plea.

[via New York Times]