After a dominating performance over the Oregon Ducks gave the Ohio State Buckeyes 42-20 win in the first ever College Football Playoff championship, their fans were, to say the least, excited for their team.  As many as 8000 Buckeye fans poured onto the streets and into the OSU stadium where they proceeded to show their team pride by starting multiple dumpster fires and tearing down one of their own team's goal post.  

Rioting after a championship win is  becoming more popular than the Yeezy Boosts.

Columbus riot police showed up with tear gas and pepper spray to calm the crowd and clear the streets. One officer brought along a camera to record the evening's events the night of January 12th, 2015. Today, that tape was released to the public. In what may be a first, we get an officer's point of view of what they see in the middle of these riots celebrations. 

As a lover of beer myself, I hate to admit this but, drunk people are extremely annoying.