Party 'til the sun comes up, or until the roof caves in, that's what we always say. Students at Cal Poly-SLO actually did both last night at a "St. Fratty's Day" Party.

The party was attended by more than 1,000 students, 10 days prior to actual St. Patrick's Day, but hey that falls during Cal Poly—San Luis Obispo's finals week. They partied until the break of dawn, the touched the face of the party Gods, and then the SLO fire department had to clean up a heap of students under a collapsed garage.

As you'll notice in the above video, it shuts off as soon as the students drop below. Could that mean that a bystander actually turned off their phone to rush and make sure everyone was okay? In this viral age? Was the camera-holder a parent or something?

Seven students were injured, but nothing was reported to be serious. The lesson: lucky leprechauns don't take kindly to changing the name of their holiday to reflect your fratty needs.