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You’ve heard of “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” right? It has never rung truer than when you’re watching “A Fuego Maximo”—translation: "Maximum Fire" (You’ll understand why momentarily)—one Argentinian woman’s topless cooking channel on YouTube, which has already garnered over half a million views since its March 10th inception.

The chef whom has Julia Child rolling over in her grave is a 24-year-old named Jenn, who likes to wear skimpy underwear and is skilled at censoring her body with strategically placed food. Jenn’s videos (three as of now) include easy recipes like guacamole and salad, so don’t worry about her getting an oil burn. The topless chef said that she started the videos in order to encourage men to cook. Call us crazy, but we're thinking cooking is the last thing on their minds. 


[via Uproxx]