By this point we should all understand that the Super Bowl halftime performances will most likely be lip-synced. It's a huge spectacle, including numerous wardrobe and stage shifts. Couple that with the FCC fear of anything impromptu in a live setting, and we get pre-recorded numbers by the performers fleshed out with pyrotechnics, dancing-inuendo sharks, and Katy Perry floating on a "the more you know" pod.

So, you can complain, or have fun with what lip-syncing frees 'em up to do. And have fun is what Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and Jimmy Fallon did in an epic lip sync battle. Ferrell started with Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," after which Fallon rightfully quipped that it could never be unseen. He then tapped Kelly Clarkson's corker "Since U Been Gone," and Hart followed and slowed it down with John Legend's "All of Me." Then the whole game changed when surprise guest (and Fallon co-star in Fever Pitch, coincidentally a Boston-set sports comedy) Drew Barrymore joined Fallon for a Dirty Dancing duet.

At thirteen minutes, this battle lasted almost as long as Perry's halftime. There was an unfortunate lack of sharks in Fallon's program, but we'll let you judge which lip-sync performance was better: Super Bowl XLIX, or Jimmy Fallon Live.

[via Uproxx]