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If you're going to get away with an affair you're going to need some degree of secrecy. Set a lock on your phone, change the password to your email, don't post photos of your new mistress to Facebook. A cheating husband in the United Kingdom thought about it and said, "Nah, Imma do me." 

Adrian Linham was busted for cheating when his wife, Liz Linham, saw his wedding photos with another woman. Homeboy used the same best man from his first wedding, which hadn't been nullified, and went to the same beach for his honeymoon. This damning evidence wasn't uncovered by professional sleuthing. It was right on his Facebook page. 

Liz said she called her husband to confront him, and he had the gumption to straight up deny the affair. "I just went into meltdown," she said. 

To make things worse, made Liz post for the awkward photo above. "Here, hold this iPad with Facebook pulled up," said the photographer less creative than the people who make fan videos that act out the lyrics line-by-line. 

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