To be a Monster, with a capital ‘M,’ in a comic book, you really have to bring it. You’re competing with insane super villains, equally insane superheroes, and a whole bunch of assorted sociopaths, psychos, and ne’er do wells. How do you look scary next to this charming bunch?

Comic book monsters have to be exceptionally twisted in order to stand out. Because of this, they’re usually cast as the side characters and rarely as the lead. To be the lead, one needs vulnerability—it’s rare that something big and frightening can be relatable.

Similarly, whenever video game designers create comic book games, they go with the typical, relatable, easily recognizable choices for their leads. Superman. Batman. Spider-Man. Wolverine. But just in case a developer gets a little daring, here are some Terrifying Comic Book Monsters That Deserve Their Own Video Games. Why not go with a main character that’s twisted inside and ugly on the outside?