Number: 28th president
Term: March 4, 1913 – March 4, 1921

Woodrow Wilson's racists views aren't debated by anyone—this dude was cut from the finest racist fabric. He passed legislation to make interracial marriage a felony in Washington D.C., and, as president of Princeton University, he discouraged blacks from applying. “The whole temper and tradition of the place are such that no Negro has ever applied for admission," he said of the university, "and it seems unlikely that the question will ever assume practical form."

Under his administration, Wilson appointed Southerners who pressed for segregation in the military and made those who applied to federal jobs submit photographs of themselves to keep blacks out of the positions. He said that his actions were to reduce the "friction" between white and black workers and defended his policies by saying they were far "from being a movement against the Negroes... I sincerely believe it to be in their interest."