It's been almost a year since a guest on Fox News' show Hannity claimed that Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina Lohan, did cocaine "together" during a segment about celebrities who used cocaine before they died. Fox News apologized for the "oversight" on-air, and removed that comment from their archives in February 2014. But now it's 2015, and that's not enough for the Lohan clan. Yesterday, Fox News was served with a defamation suit.

"During the show's broadcast, [Michelle Fields] inappropriately and shockingly stated, unequivocally and as a matter of fact, that 'Lindsay Lohan's mom is doing cocaine with her' - which statement is false," Lindsay's attorney, Mark Jay Heller, told Us Weekly.

A Fox News rep responded to Us Weekly, that they were shocked (shocked!) that this is happening now. "The remark about which Lindsay and Dina Lohan complain was made on live television by a guest nearly a year ago," the rep said. "We removed the segment from our archives altogether last February and also apologized on-air. At that time, the Lohans did not make any demands for money, and we are surprised they are doing so now."

Lindsay also has a pending lawsuit against Rockstar Games for the character Lacey Jonas in Grand Theft Auto V being, she says, too closely modeled on her look, style, poses, and overall danger to society. She's recently beefed-up her case with 45 side-by-side images that she's entered into evidence.

Who will the Lady Lohans sue next? Perhaps Esurance for implying that she's not only a bad driver, but also a potential abductor of children, in Lindsay's Super Bowl commercial.

The family that's defamed together, stays together.

[via Us Weekly]