Lindsay Lohan, the controversial starlet best known for her roles in Mean Girls and The Parent Trap, has got beef with Rockstar Games. The company, most famous for its production of the Grand Theft Auto series, finds itself in hot water with Lohan, who is suing the company. 

Lohan's lawsuit is based on the claims that Rockstar Games used her likeness along with real-life details about her personality and career to create a character in Grand Theft Auto V named Lacey Jonas. Jonas is a celebrity in the game who must be escorted around the city in order to avoid predatory paparazzi. According to Lohan's suit, Jonas' appearance mimicked aspects of Lohan's clothing line, voice, and image. 

You can watch a video of Jonas' in-game appearance below. Do you notice any specific similarities to Lohan? The New York City court system, where Lohan filed the case, will have the final say.

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[via Kotaku]

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