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During his appearance on the the Today show Larry Wilmore was asked to keep it 100, and wow was 100 maintained. The Nightly Show host was asked who's funnier and more talented: Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert? Wilmore went with Colbert and said Stewart would agree with him.

Alright, yeah, that's fair. 

But then...

"Jon Stewart's really not that funny. People don’t know he’s kind of curmudgeony. It comes out seeming funny on TV, but if you sat right here, you’re like, ‘I don’t get it.'"

Clearly Wilmore was joking. He had nothing but good things to say when asked about Stewart's retirement. "I was very stunned, and I was devastated like a lot of people," he said. "Jon’s meant so much. ... We’re definitely gong to miss him, but he’s not gone yet."