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Get ready to get your hearts broken right before Valentine's Day with the following news: Jon StewartBeyhive member and Marshawn Lynch defender—is leaving The Daily Show. We repeat, Stewart is leaving. If you're still processing Stephen Colbert's departure then good luck with this brick. 

According to reports, Stewart, who has been hosting since 1999, let the news of his departure slip at today's taping of The Daily Show, which probably solicited some tears and other appropriate mourning behavior. On the bright side, Stewart will be staying on until the end of the year so fans will have enough time to say goodbye.

The announcement was made official via Comedy Central president, Michele Ganeless', statement:

It's safe to say that America is officially doomed for the 2016 presidential election now that it doesn't have Colbert or Stewart to guide it through all the political hoopla. For now let's just soak in all the truthiness we can get. 


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