Jon Stewart announcing his retirement from The Daily Show must have given people the impression that he's vulnerable. Comedy Central colleague Larry Wilmore said Stewart "isn't that funny" during an appearance on Today this morning. Even people from outside Stewart's world are coming at him. 

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins had the nerve to go after Stewart during Monday Night Raw. He got ahead of himself during his rant, claiming he could take over The Daily Show and make it watchable for once. Little did he know that Stewart isn't vulnerable. The 160-pound comedic heavyweight made his own video tell let Rollins know he's stepped in a world of hurt. 

The beef is on, people. And neither side seems willing to back down. You have to pick your side now: wrestling vs. comedy; youth vs. wisdom; pin moves vs. scathing takedowns; muscles vs. balsa wood.  

UPDATE: Rollins responded via Twitter to invite Stewart to find him in the ring on Monday Night Raw.

And just to pile on some more, Rollins went on TMZ Sports and called Stewart "ancient" before insulting Stewart's athletic prowess as a college soccer player. 

It appears to be your move, Jon Stewart.