Stephanie Carter started her day at the Pentagon, picking up her husband Ashton Carter, so that he could be sworn in as the 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense. In an omen of being the center of attention on her husband's big day, she slipped and fell on the ice.  She then held the Bible that Ashton Carter was sworn in on. And then Vice President Joe Biden demanded with three forceful waves that she come stand in front of him, where he could rest his hands, whisper his thoughts, confuse her husband, and creep everyone out. 

The man loves close talking.

What made it so necessary for Biden to pull Stephanie Carter over into his clutches:

Think it was something else? Here's the template:

Ashton Carter replaces Chuck Hagel, becoming President Obama's fourth defense chief in the past six years. No word yet on what Stephanie Carter's role in the administration will be. But Biden will find a place for her.

[via Daily Dot; all GIFs by Jeff Reed]