Comedian and esteemed dentist Hannibal Buress sat down with Chicago MC Chance The Rapper to crack a few jokes at each other's expense, talk about Chance's upcoming project Surf, and compare lives as two touring wordsmiths for Interview Magazine. Amid all the jewels dropped, Hannibal delivered a hilarious anecdote in his inimitable deadpan fashion. 

CHANCE: Okay. I'll go first. So Hannibal... have you ever seen Silence of the Lambs

BURESS: I've never seen it. It's funny, this week I was on set and some people were talking about movies they thought were real scary. This photographer said to me, "You know what the lead character was in the movie? Hannibal." I'm like, "You think I wasn't aware of that at all?" [Chance laughs.] Me. At the age of 32. And that movie came out in 1992. You are enlightening me on the lead character?

CHANCE: [continues laughing]

BURESS: Yeah, man. I don't watch those movies out of spite, honestly. I never saw those movies. Never saw Red DragonHannibal, and I won't watch Hannibal the TV show. 

Hilarious, but not surprising; Buress' notoriously passive and laid back demeanor borders damn-near on sedation. Perhaps Dr. Lecter is a bit too vicious for the 32-year-old standup. However, Hannibal is no stranger to bodying a victim or two. 

[via Interview]