And for her next trick, Emily Kinney will rise from The Walking Dead and feminize a comic book villain for CW's The Flash. Kinney, who played Beth on Walking Dead, will be playing the Bug-Eyed Bandit on a special episode of The Flash.

The Bandit, a consistent Atom nemesis, will shift from Bertram Larvan to Brie Larvan. Per CW, Brie Larvan "is a narcissistic tech wizard wreaking havoc in Central City. Upon arriving in town, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) recognizes Brie as her nemesis, and the two women engage in a hacker battle for The Flash’s life."

Currently, gender-swapped Bug-Eyed Bandit appears to be a one-off. But one never knows with these new TV Comic Universes. Screen Crush notes that this announcement might indicate movement on an Atom (CW's Arrow and The Flash) TV spin-off.

[via Screen Crush]