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This is Marwa. Marwa has some specific Tinder standards that she herself can't live up to. She doesn't accept "hey" or "what's up?" as proper forms of communication. There's no way for you to know this because it's not in her essay of a profile, but she'll still become enraged when you don't follow the protocol she very carefully didn't lay out. Marwa also doesn't like racists or people who are culturally blind. This is in her profile. But that doesn't stop her from saying, "Goodbye jew boy unfortunately Hitler didn't get rid of you completely," when you don't live up to her insane standards. 

Are you ready to meet Marwa, the crazy racist? 

Isn't Marwa charming? She's going to have a great career now that her anti-semetic remarks are posted all over the Internet. Probably a great dating life, too. 

[via Uproxx]