Fans of the wildly-popular-yet-wildly-frustrating Lost could not have helped but walk away from the show feeling short-changed. So many narrative arcs were opened but never addressed, as this compilation captures in outstanding detail.

Well, as it turns out, the writers on the show really didn’t do much thinking when it came to whether their storylines would ever be resolved. Prison Break and Scorpion writer and producer Nick Santora recently visited the Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast, and relayed the following experience:

“We had an expression in the room and which was, ‘No Polar Bears,’ which was a reference to Lost. I had friends that were writing on Lost, I can’t say who they were. And I was watching football with one of them and I was telling them how much I loved the show…and I’m like, ‘How are you going to pay all this stuff off?’ And he looked at me and goes, ‘We’re not.’ And I go, ‘What do you mean you’re not?’ He said, ‘We literally just think of the weirdest most f*cked up thing and write it and we’re never going to pay it off.’ And I look at him and I’m like, ‘That’s such bullshi*t! You are completely f*cking with the audience.’ I want to bring a class-action lawsuit on behalf of everyone who watched Lost all those years. Nina Hartley jerked people off less than Lost did.”

So there you have it: confirmation that you cared way more than the writers did. I guess we’ll never really know just what it was that made Walt so special.

[via UPROXX]