New dating app, The League, proves both of the following: (this) is how you’re doing online dating wrong, and more importantly, that it may be time you give up online dating for IRL. The elite app is for people overly concerned with a potential partner’s career/education. League founder, Amanda Bradford, said, "We're trying to hit home that these people do have high standards."  High standards that include race apparently, since the app requires people to submit their race. 

Even before a person gets to be snubbed by someone out of their league, a person must apply for the site and be accepted. The issue here is that a person is required to declare their ethnicity.  You can’t submit the application without answering that question. For reference, other online dating sites allow a person to state their ethnicity, but it isn’t a requirement. People are already criticizing the League for this seemingly racist stipulation, but Bradford concedes people really wanted to know about a person’s race and said the “ethnicity data” is meant to help the site be more inclusive by being “diverse.” 

[via INC]