As a sign of support for the Seattle Seahawks as they face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, a dedicated Seattle medical marijuana dispensary is rolling 12,000 joints in honor of the team—and the 12th man. 

According to NBC Bay Area, Solstice has doubled its output, rolling about 180 to 220 "12th Pack" joints per day to meet the number.

The 12th Pack joints, which are only being sold to medical marijuana users, will be filled with a special Seahawks Blend, KING5 reported. The name for the joints is a play on the 12th man — a nickname referring to football fans.

Seeing as how "Beast Mode O.G." and "Beastmode 2.0" strains already exist in homage of Seahawks running back and current media darling Marshawn Lynch, this feels totally appropriate. 

Also worth noting: Whoever runs the Solstice Twitter account has a sense of humor, and isn't afraid to use it against Patriots fans. 

Richard Sherman would be proud.

[via NBC Bay Area]