From creator-owned upstarts to inspired choices from the Big Two, 2014 was a hell of a year for comic books. A year ago, nobody could have predicted a female Muslim superhero from Jersey City would be Marvel's biggest success, and yet we have Ms. Marvel; who would have known a comic book about time-stopping orgasms would be the year's best comic, but Sex Criminals turned out to be just that. Even more exciting news, though? It's looking like 2015 could be just as good—or better—than years past. 

Check out the slate of comics from publishers like Valiant or Image for the first half of 2015 and you'll see what I mean: books of all genres from the industry's best creators are debuting seemingly each new week. And then there's DC's Multiversity and Marvel's upcoming Secret Wars reboot, both of which are changing their respective universes in ways that are legitimately exciting for once—a statement I couldn't be more surprised (or pleased) to type. The following ten comics are just a small fraction of what will be available in the next few months. Stay reading in the new year.

Nathan Reese is a News Editor at Complex. He tweets here