Before-and-after photos of adult film stars can be rather jarring to look at. Even more so than most people, they seem to apply so much makeup that by the time they are done, they’re virtually indistinguishable from what they actually look like.

This does not appear to be the case for Mia Khalifa, the new No. 1 most-searched adult film star on Pornhub who also gets death threats lobbed at her from overseas. She posted the above photo of her face au naturale yesterday, and you have to say she looks functionally the same.

You also should admire Khalifa’s smarts here, too. Her decision to post the photo puts her in control of the message, rather than having a makeup-less photo be snapped by someone else when she happened to be making a weird face or something. This will be the first thing everyone sees when they search for “Mia Khalifa no makeup,” and is only going to help her career.

Diabolically brilliant.

[via Bro Bible]