If the MTA really wants people to pay attention to their courtesy riding campaign they should just replace the humanoid blobs on their posters with user photos of how Tom Hanks and Helen Mirren ride the train.

Last week, Hanks was caught taking up a couple of seats for himself and his bags. And although the car itself wasn't crowded, Hanks' spread of spreads would fall on the "Don't" side of their campaign. Thursday night, a rider caught Helen Mirren exhibiting exquisite train etiquette: her purse is on her lap, and her legs are drawn in (the Oscar-winner is a dame after all). This is the best visual "Do" that MTA could use. Couple that with the fact that Instagrammer j_l_nyc added the proper photo filter to his shot, and we think that Mirren should be posterized. She even has purple gloves.

"Take Your Pack Off Your Back"

"Offer Your Seat to an Elderly, Disabled, or Pregnant Person."

"Don't be a Pole Hog."

"It's a Subway Car Not a Dining Car."

"Step Aside to Let Others Off First."

Subhead:  "Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride."

Listen to Dame Helen Mirren.

[via Gothamist]