A man was arrested in Oregon after breaking into two homes, guzzling liquor, and lounging in a hot tub present in one of the homes yesterday. Oh, and he did all of this while completely naked. 

The Associated Press reports that police fielded a 911 call yesterday morning from a woman who was house-sitting a Keizer, Ore. home. The woman said the door to the home's laundry room slammed shut when she went to check on suspicious noises, prompting her to arm herself with a knife and phone both her husband and the authorities. 

Responding officers arrived and arrested Guillermo Brambila Lopez, concluding that he accessed the home by removing a screen from the back window. Worse, police determined that Lopez had broken into a neighbor's home in the same fashion, drinking booze and using the shower and aforementioned hot tub.

No word on what happened to Lopez's clothes. 

[via Associated Press]