A reckless Florida man was arrested last night for trying to rob someone with his infant son in tow. 

The Tampa Tribune reports that Corey James Earl Matthews of St. Petersburg, Fla. was playing lookout while another man tried to break into a home. In a bizarre detail, Matthews was holding a car carrier which contained his five-month-old son. Matthews alerted his criminal companion at the sight of the homeowner and the two dashed down an alley.

However, when the homeowner pursued them and dialed 911, Matthews placed the child on the ground and pulled out a knife, threatening to kill the man if he proceeded. At that point, the man stopped and Matthews fled with his baby. 

Matthews was eventually arrested after the homeowner identified him, son and knife still in hand. He faces charges for burglary and aggravated assault, and conveniently violated his probation with this latest incident. His accomplice has been identified, but has yet to be charged. 

As for the little boy, he's been turned over to his mother. Thank God.

[via Tampa Tribune]