When you’re known as “the bear lady,” there’s really only one fitting way for you to go. And it isn’t quietly in your sleep.

Kay Grayson—a North Carolina woman who devoted herself to caring for the local bear population—may have been mauled to death by one of the animals she fed. Her body was discovered by sheriff’s deputies conducting a “wellness check” after nobody had seen or heard from her for over a week.

She had been “living off the land” on her huge North Carolina parcel for the better part of two decades, shunning amenities like running water and electricity in favor of her simple life. Apparently, Grayson would “call to the bears in sing-song, prompting the animals to emerge from the shadows as she poured piles of dog food for them,” according to Outer Banks Voice, and “Some of her favorite bears would even eat out of her hand.”

Why do people keep doing this? Wild animals seem to always turn on their human friends eventually, as Siegfried & Roy can attest.

[via Gawker]