Vienna-based company TriLite Technologies is developing new 3D tech that will allow people to view ultra-detailed 3D projections from any angle without glasses. The technology makes use of innovative laser technology involving 3D pixels that provides for a particularly vibrant image well-suited to outdoor advertising using billboards.

From far away, the billboard will appear as a flat 2D image but when approached, it will begin to reveal itself as a detailed 3D image from any angle you look at it. The lasers send images in several directions to allow for this wide viewing sweet spot. Unlike going to see a film in 3D, which uses only two images (one for each eye), the new technology can project hundreds of images with an extremely fine angular resolution that tricks the eye into perceiving a full-bodied object. This technology also allows for different adverts to be projected from one screen at different angles.

According to the company's website:

You think the success of such a technology is limited when all this requires annoying devices such as special 3D glasses? You think this is the reason why 3D home entertainment hasn't really kicked off yet as anticipated by consumer electronics manufacturers?

We think so too! And that is why we are building the technology that makes auto-stereoscopic (“glasses-free”) 3D possible. TriLite is revolutionizing 3D technology by building the first auto-stereoscopic 3D screen for outdoor use, with day and night visibility and no strings in form of 3D glasses attached.

The company hopes to use the patented technology for cinemas and sporting events as well. Currently the development is at the prototype stage, but the company plans for a commercial launch by 2016, sadly just missing out on Back to the Future II's prediction of holographic advertising by one year.

It's happening.


[via Mail Online]

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