Nothing in The Giver could have prepared Brenton Thwaites for this. The up-and-coming Aussie actor is back in Son of a Gun, about a wrong-side-of-the-tracks kid who gets mentored by a notorious criminal (played by Ewan McGregor). They go from prison breakouts to gold heists, but along the way Thwaites' character has to decide between making his own way or following in the footsteps of his quasi-father.

That's where this clip comes in. Sounding very similar to Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmantraut, McGregor's character lays down some philosophy for his mentee, unexpectedly citing chess legend Bobby Fischer as inspiration. "If you want to take action, then make it count. No half measures," McGregor says.

The only question is, will that lesson come back to hurt him?

Son of a Gun debuts exclusively today on DIRECTV Cinema until January 7th. A24 will release the film in theaters January 16th. Watch the full trailer below.