I wanted to ask about the grandmother character. She's so hip for an old lady. I was wondering if she was based on any one in particular? 
Vaughn: She’s actually based on how I would love to be when I am her age. I would love to have no filter, not care, do what I want and enjoy life. So it’s kind of like that. She’s slightly based on my mom too—the most outrageous things. She’s actually weirdly enough a mix of me and my mom.

Was she in the original concept of the comic? 
Vaughn: She wasn’t [in the original concept]. I think the grandmother showed up a little bit later. So, in that sense no, but definitely by the time we really started plotting the story she was a big part of it.

Luna: For the first draft of the first issue, my take on the grandma was that I like the contrast of someone who’s older, but more liberal. Older people tend to be more conservative