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A group of police officers in Ohio stand accused of exchanging text messages including "jokes" along the lines of "I hate niggers. That is all."

According to WHIO, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation which found that five sheriff's deputies traded similar texts between November 2011 and January 2013. The texts were brought to Sheriff Phil Plummer's attention by NAACP Dayton President Derrick Forward, resulting in the indefinite suspension of Capt. Thomas Flanders and Det. Michael Sollenberger

Employment attorney Jason Matthews told WHIO that Flanders and Sollenberger could still be terminated despite the fact that the messages were sent in private. The three remaining officers have yet to be identified, and WHIO notes that they have yet to be suspended. 

The officers insist that the texts were for the purpose of amusement, which indicates an even bigger problem.

[via WHIO]