After weeks of speculation, multiple reports claim that North Korea is indeed responsible for the attacks on Sony Pictures in relation to Seth Rogen and James Franco's The Interview. The hackers, who have been working under the alias Guardians of Peace, have been acting on behalf of the North Korean government, both CNBC and CNN report.

The United States government is expected to assign blame on North Korea on Thursday morning, along with more information on how they plan to handle the investigation of the attack. This news comes just hours after Sony announced that it was pulling the entire theatrical release of The Interview, in response to a 9/11-style threat from the hackers.

This is about to get very messy. If North Korea was able—and willing—to hack Sony Pictures, the implications are extreme—who's to say they won't launch a cyber-attack on the government next? Way back in the summer, the North Korean government called The Interview "an act of war." Turns out they weren't kidding at all.


[via CNN]