If you're an investor, maybe now's not the best time to buy stock in latex. Researchers in Indonesia have been working on a male birth control pill, and according to trials there, it's 99 percent effective. 

The pill, derived from a plant called dendarussa (in the photo above), could hit the market there in 2016, pending a larger clinical study, USA Today reports. 

Tribesman on the island of Papua have been brewing the plant's leaves into a contraceptive tea for years, drinking a cup before sex to keep their women from getting pregnant. The pill would likely be taken by men once a day. After stopping for 30 days, they'd become fertile again.

There aren't many side effects, but guys might gain weight or get a supercharged libido. And since there's no need to wear a bullet-proof vest when you're getting shot at with blanks, women might be able to stop taking hormonal birth control pills, which actually do have a lot of side effects. 

Don't get too excited yet, though.  U.S. FDA requirements could mean years more of clinical trials before the pills would ever be available in the U.S. 


[Via USA Today]