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Stars Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped a week ago spawning tons of remakes, reimaginings—including this one from the point of view of the man who started it all, George Lucas—and parodies. You would think that Lucas would have watched the trailer, right? Not quite. 

According to Page Six, Lucas said he hasn’t watched it yet. Lucas explained, 

That may sound like bs, but it makes sense, sort of. It’s either that or Lucas doesn’t care about where his baby is headed (Now that Disney owns it.)

When Lucas was asked whether or not he was eager to see Abrams new take he responded with, ‘Not really,’ which was confusing to some. Lucas’ son, Jett Lucas, had previously said Abrams and his father were in constant communication and that Abrams was “handpicked” for the job so how can he go from hot to cold all of a sudden?

It’s many a complicated thing, but one thing’s for sure: there’s a great disturbance in the force.


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