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Once the holidays are over and everyone’s ate their weight in food its easy to snooze your way into the new year’s box office releases, but the Ethan Hawke-led sci-fi action Predestination is sure to jolt you out of a holiday coma, and now you can watch the first few minutes of the film.

In Predestination, Ethan Hawke is an agent who time travels to prevent killers from committing crimes—think Looper—and it’s his last mission that proves his biggest in which he has to stop a killer before thousands of people die. 

The film, an adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s short story, All You Zombies, hits theaters next month on Jan. 9 (the same day as Taken 3) so you should definitely go watch Predestination. Because who really needs to watch Liam Neeson hunt down bad guys, yet again?


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