What was surely the start of the ultimate Batman brawl between Christian Bale and George Clooney—after Bale basically told Clooney to shut up and quit whining about paparazzi—turned out to be a misunderstanding, this according to Bale.

He was reportedly very confused when he heard about the alleged comments made in the Wall Street Journal and confirmed he never said that. Bale even praised Clooney saying,

“I’ve got immense respect for him and I can’t even begin to imagine the invasion of privacy. Our lives don’t even begin to compare. He’s a true movie star. I’m just somebody who was lucky to get a job.”

So what gives with the comments?

“…It was possibly just a well-intentioned edit,” Bale said. “But certainly, I never meant any disrespect whatsoever.”

No disrespect to George Clooney, all disrespect to the WSJ. Got it.


[via Page Six]