For the third time this season, Saturday Night Live was hosted by a former cast member.

Of course, Bill Hader is top 10 dead or alive when it comes to SNL alums, and Sarah Silverman was on camera like once before she got fired.

Despite last night's host Chris Rock being one of the most brilliant stand-ups of all time, his own SNL past falls somewhere in between Silverman and Hader. He's admitted himself that his original run on the show wasn't great, but nobody would exactly call it bad either. 

Rock's appearance last night could kind of be summed up the same: not bad, but not amazing either. Luckily, we've gone through and pulled out the essential sketches you need to see, plus musical guest Prince's epic, eight-minute performance. Here's the best of what you missed: 


This got off to a really rocky start with the Boston Marathon stuff but you actually can feel the exact moment it becomes brilliant with that changing the name of the Freedom Tower to the "Never Going in There Tower" line. 


Jay Pharoah is just on point with his Katt Williams impression, even if the average SNL viewer probably doesn't know who Katt is. 


Rock joins the recurring sketch where SNL's black cast members sit down to talk about Obama and ask, how's he doing?Highlight: "White people keep talking about how they're afraid to catch disease while they're kissing their dog on the mouth." "Oh, they love doing that."
For that terrifying, dizzying moment when you realize you like a Taylor Swift song. This one's worth it just for Leslie Jones looking possessed in that bathing suit. 

Only Prince could get SNL to change their entire formula of two separate, single-song performances into one, epic, eight-minute medley in the middle of the show.