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Someone get Kevin Bacon on the line. We’ve got an emergency dancing-related situation in Neenah, Wis.

Mayor Dean Kaufert has (gasp!) banned dancing in this small town in America’s heartland. How could this happen? Has he not seen Footloose? Does he not know how big a dick John Lithgow was?

It turns out, yes, Kaufert has seen it. And so will everyone else in town; the “ban” is actually a part of a viral campaign to help drum up support for the Neenah High School production of Footloose. “If this creates a buzz and creates interest in it and puts more people in the seats, it’s gonna be well worth it,” he said.

Well, phew. Good to know that nobody is actually trying to ban dancing anymore. Because if they did, you’d be forgiven if you broke out into this angry dance:


[via UPROXX]