A teenager in the Czech Republic was arrested last week for cutting a younger girl's fingers off in what she explained as a sacrifice to Satan

Mirror reports that 15-year-old Alena Skrivankova took 10-year-old Jitka Svehlova to woods near the city of Brno after telling Svehlova's parents they were headed off to "play." Playtime involved tying Svehlova to a tree and cutting her fingers off with an ax.

Local police told Mirror that Svehlova wriggled free of the bondage and ran home to her parents, who called 911. Responding officers found a disturbing scene in the woods: Skrivankova seated on the ground, holding an ax and the severed digits in separate hands. 

Svehlova was taken to a local hospital, while her attacker was subjected to psychiatric evaluation after telling police about her planned sacrifice. 

[via Mirror]